Friday, December 5, 2008

SPIN Meeting Invitation

I'll be in the chat room at Sarah Palin for President tonight at 8pm Eastern Time for the regularly scheduled chat.

At 9pm Eastern Time, I'll leave our group chat window up, but will open a separate window to chat in the meeting of the SPIN Team on PalTalk.

If you are on this e-mail, you are welcome to come with me to the SPIN Team meeting. (The meeting is run by Savant Noir. This is the meeting that Shari - correctly - says is a bit like "Dungeons and Dragons').

Everyone in the meeting is nice, though. Like a lot of people, the main speakers can be a tad over-serious at times, that's all. Anyway, if you go to the SPIN Team meeting, just keep a low profile and follow my lead. I basically just keep quiet and act dumb. This is my approach to most live situations.

To go to the SPIN Team meeting at 9pm Eastern Time tonight go here. The password is: sarah2012

You should go there at least 30 minutes early if it's your first time because there is PalTalk software to download. It's not too bad - but it'll take you a few minutes to do that and get set up (like Chatango - but with a bit more to do).

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